Dental Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic



Maintaining your oral health is more important now than ever and we’d encourage you to keep in contact with us and to use the information on this page to help you manage your

dental health.

You should not delay dental treatment and we are open and ready to help.



Is it safe to visit the dentist?

Australian dental practitioners have the highest infection control standards in the world and the safety of their patients is a cornerstone of Australian dental practice. Where appropriate, dentists will take extra precautions during the pandemic.

  • All of our staff are fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

  • You must wear a mask in the practice at all times if aged 12 years and older                                                                                                                  (other than when you are requested to remove it for your dental care)

       If you have an exemption from wearing a mask, you will need to bring this along for us to sight it and then we kindly request that you wait               outside the clinic (chairs provided)

  • Please attend your appointment alone, unless you are accompanying a minor or requiring a carer or translator.                                                  If you require a support person, this person will also need to be screened.

  • Patient Screening

                  Please only attend if you are fit to do so - Check by reading the below screening questions:

Have you or a person you live with-

  1. attended any COVID-19 PUBLIC EXPOSURE SITES  in the last 14 days

  2. arrived from OVERSEAS in the 14 days?

  3. been released from either HOTEL or HOME QUARANTINE/ISOLATION in the last 14 days?

  4. awaiting COVID-19 test results?

  5. been tested for COVID-19 in the last 14 days?

  6. tested positive for COVID-19?

  7. currently have fever/chills/cold or flu symptoms or a runny nose or loss of your sense of taste or smell?


   If you answered yes to any of the above questions, please call our practice on 08 93494978 to discuss your circumstances BEFORE                     scheduling/attending for an appointment at our practice.


  • Your Safety at the Dentist during COVID-19

       In order to ensure we are providing the highest level of safety for our patients, all our staff are fully-trained and follow the recommended                 Australian Dental Association’s (ADA) Guidelines for Infection Prevention and Control. In addition to our existing high standard of infection             control we have implemented protocols as part of our practice COVID-SAFE Plan regarding patient screening and appointment                       scheduling, social distancing in our waiting room, hand washing, mask wearing, continuous daily environmental cleaning,                       above and beyond what we usually do.

       Hand sanitizer is readily available upon entry to and exit from our dental practice.

       Perspex screens are in place at our practice reception desk to protect our staff.

       Air Purifier with HEPA filtration for treatment rooms


       In the practice treatment room we follow the guidelines recommended by ADA and National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

       You will be requested to use an antiseptic pre-procedural mouth rinse. Staff will wear appropriate PPE. Finally our dental treatment                     techniques enable us to reduce the generation of aerosols during dental procedures to protect the safety of all.


Do I need to tell my dentist my vaccination status?

We will ask you to show proof of vaccination at the time of attending your appointment as part of our screening process. We do this to help understand the risk for you and other patients in the clinic. Whilst you do not have to provide this information, it will determine how we can see you.

Can a dentist refuse to treat me if I am not vaccinated?

Although the answer is yes, there are several issues that must be first considered. As health practitioners, we must follow the codes of conduct as set by our National Board. These state that whilst we must act to protect our staff and other patients if a person poses a risk to health and safety, a person cannot be denied care if steps can be taken to keep everyone safe.

Thus in order facilitate access to care whilst providing a safe workplace environment, the Osborne Park Dental Clinic has adopted the following policy:

                 All Patients must show proof of vaccination to attend their appointments.

                   If patients are unvaccinated, have a medical exemption from vaccination or

                unwilling to disclose their vaccination, we can still see you. However your

                appointment will have to be made for the end of the day. This enables us 

            to protect other patients by allowing for limited close contacts in the     

               waiting room as well for fallow time, which is specific to dental operating

                                                                  rooms and its aerosols produced during treatment.

Can I be treated for a dental emergency if I have COVID-19?

If you need urgent dental care and think you may have COVID-19, it’s important to call us to discuss your situation.

If you have a dental emergency and have been diagnosed with COVID-19, dental treatment is available in a hospital setting by appropriately trained and credentialed dental personnel. Please call the Department of Health’s COVID information line: 13 26843 or 13 COVID

I have or need to make a non-urgent dental appointment but have symptoms?

If you have any of the below symptoms, please let us know. We can postpone your dental appointment until you are able to obtain a 

COVID-19 test to determine your health status. You must stay at home while you are waiting to get your COVID-19 test results.

Out of consideration for the safety of our dental practitioners, staff and all our other patients, along with the community at large, you will need to be clear of the virus in order to attend for dental treatment at our practice. We will postpone your dental appointment until you have your COVID-19 test results. If your COVID-19 test results demonstrate you have tested negative, your dental appointment may proceed.

Should you test positive to the COVID-19 virus, we wish you a speedy and safe recovery. We will require written confirmation when you are clear of the COVID-19 virus before you are able to subsequently present for dental care at our practice. You can obtain a Letter of Clearance from your doctor or state health authority which will state you are no longer infectious and required to be in isolation.


COVID-19 may be mild and may consist of any one of the below-

  • fever

  • runny nose

  • sore throat

  • shortness of breath

  • loss of the sense of smell or taste

  • unusual fatigue

  • ongoing headaches

  • chills or aches and pains

  • abdominal symptoms such as nausea, cramps or diarrhoea

  • conjunctivitis

  • an unexplained rash

Stay Safe